Hey there everyone!

This weekend, Sunday the 10th of May at 10am we have yet another excellent opportunity to ride our machines on the ONLY purpose built ATV Motor-Cross track in New Zealand.

This track has been designed with the ATV in mind and to allow all levels of rider from the mighty "Mini" class to the top of the list Premiere riders to enjoy a MX style track safely.

This event is a excellent way to be introduced by our best riders to the MX style track. The track gets broken down into sections where instructors will take you around the various jumps and features of the track and teach you how to ride them quickly and safely.

This is a MUST DO event. Oh by the way, you must be a current member of the Canterbury ATV Association to do this event but don't worry if your not, we can sign you up on the day!


More details on Race Calander Page.



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