"HAVE-A-GO" this Sunday 8th May

Heres an event for all of you, thats right all of you!!

If you race, if you want to race or simply just have a go to see if you like the feel of ATV racing then this is the perfect event to come to.

This event concentrates mostly on the introduction of ATV racing and riding as a sport. Theres coaching, bike health and of coarse there's riding.

Its worth a look so come on out and bring the family. Its not expensive to enter, just $20 for juniors and $25 for seniors. Bbq provided!

We start at 8:30 with sign-on which you will need to do if you want to ride the track. The location is the northern end of Weedon-Ross road at the Canterbury Off-Road Club track.

Come on out, you'll love it!!!

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