2016 TT Across is nearly here!

The 2016 TT-Across Racing series is coming! This two round series is a must do for the ATV racer. This style racing is fun, fast and full of excitement! Its TT racing with the added challenge of a naturally undulating venue.

Its the same fun and very much like TT but instead of flat paddocks it might be a hillside or a paddock with multiple layers, great fun! :) This style of event provides easy flowing jumps and a nice smooth surface to race on. If you haven't yet raced at this TT-Across yet then you simply must come! Make sure you bring your friends and family too because this is fantastic for spectators ! ___________________________________________________________________ ROUND ONE DETAILS WHEN: Sunday 7th August SIGN-IN: 8:30am LOCATION:Ferguson Property800 Heathstock RdMacDonald Downs Hawarden.

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