2021 Hirepool S.I ATV MX Title

In association with FIREWOOD Splitting Services and The Plant People


July 3rd & 4th saw the revised running of the Canterbury ATV Associations annual South Island ATV MX title held once again at Pleasant Points Backflips Dirtfarm and with this event potentially being the last time the track to be used for ATV MX events. The event was very well attended by club members with a greater than normal attendance which saw a good number of competitors in each class, also in attendance were some North Islands riders making the journey from as far away as Gisbourne giving this event some extra special flavour.

The weather came to the party this year (Not raining) with some sub zero starts to both days providing some challenging track conditions for some but as the days warmed up and moisture was drawn to the track surface the riding intensified many classes were not decided until the last couple of races on the final day. Congratulations to all riders for participating and to the Champions a special congratulations for your efforts over the two days.

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