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About our club.



The Canterbury ATV Association is a forward thinking club that has a strong committee and strong racing history in New Zealand. 
Give them the skills they need.


We not only encourage you young ones to race but we make sure that they have all the skills they need to do so safely. We hold training days, Kids only days and Have a Go days at which  introduce new and old riders to ATV racing. We  provide training to  all riders on the correct ways to ride these machines not only quickly but safely.


Safety gear, general bike maintenance and race-craft are part of this  learning process. We  bring all of this together in a controlled environment for you and the results are that  you now have a very confident, capable and safe ATV rider.






The Canterbury ATV Association is the benchmark ATV racing club in New Zealand. Steady growth and strong support networks are our strengths.


Build friendships that last.


Just like all sport in New Zealand we as Kiwi's love to socialise and grow friendship within the sporting fraternity.

You may think that motorsports are not as team minded as Rugby or Football but in fact its the opposite. The Sport of ATV racing provides a massive family of support to all, it has a very friendly and supportive environment as a result. 

Families provide the force behind the strong growth we now have in the Canterbury ATV Association.  Across our club we provide races, events and activities that bring families together to compete.

Racers  and supporters alike form strong bonds based on trust, competition and working together to reach the checkered Flag.




We are the largest ATV association in New Zealand and  we are steady growing in membership

We have a proven formula.

We have been operating race and skill building events for some 30 years and have all the experience needed to not only run great events but teach young and old riders new skills that make the sport safer and just more enjoyable for all. We are also a  MNZ affiliated  Club.


We can now boast that we are the largest ATV club in New Zealand with solid numbers of competitors across all modes of competition. We are a non profit organisation running on the theory that if we run as smart campaign, market and provide good events in safe environments the sport will grow, and this has proven to be a winning formula.





A real family oriented club. We have large junior classes and have seen massive growth in this area in recent years. They are the future!

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