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Got some questions, you just might find the answers below.




How old do you have to be to race?


No matter what your age we have classes for you, young and old. These classes are split according to the competitors age. The 5yrs to 10 year olds run in the “Mini Quads Kids” and ride bikes from 50cc to a max of 90cc. The older Junior classes are split into two, the  “125cc Production Class” for 10 to 14 year olds and the “250cc Production Class” for 12 to 16 year old. From 16 years up your considered a senior. These classes are split depending on , age, experience and bike type.



Do I need a special Licence to race?

Yes, but don't worry no testing is needed! 

We are a MNZ affiliated club and as such run under their rules. To race in all our “Race/Championship Classes” you need to either buy a MNZ ATV licence for a one off fee or if you only plan to compete in a hand full of events you could buy a MNZ day licence which we sell on the day of the event. 



Is it a winter or Summer sport?

We race in the winter months with the first events starting in May and finishing up in October/November each year. We don't run events in the summer due to dust and fire risk. However if you really want to get out and race ATVs do compete at various Speedway’s during the summer. 



What sort of Safety equipment do you need ?

We are part of MNZ which is the national governing body for all motorcycle racing in New Zealand. We follow all the rules set down by them. This includes the use of approved Helmets, Goggles, Body-armour, Gloves, Pads and MX pants and jerseys. Neck Braces, knee and elbow pads are optional but highly recommended. Finally a good solid set of MX riding boots is a must.


How do I become a member?


Its easy, just contact us and we can sign you up or you can download the membership form right here on the website, print it and fill it in then send it into the club  with payment and we'll send you your membership card.



Where do you race?

We race in the wider Canterbury area. For the most part races are held in large grassed paddocks, sometimes flat and sometimes on the side of hills. We also have a Motocross track that we help events on too. Travel times aren't to bad with events being approximately 30 to 60 mins from Christchurch central. 



How many races are there in a season?


We hold approximately 10 to 12 events in our regular season with a further 4  MNZ Championship held during the season. These events include,  New Zealand MX champs, New Zealand Speedway Champs and North & South Islands MX Champs. If you still want more there are many other events being run all of the country that ATV's race in. So if you really want to you can race every weekend!

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