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Race-Day Rules

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Welcome to the Canterbury ATV Association. We have basic requirements to ensure we can run fun, safe and enjoyable events for our members.


Rules........ We all need em :)

     Racing rules you should know on Race day

Below is a list of general rules and deffinitions that we as a club promote. In this list you will find some of the more common answers to questions around not only the running of events but also rider conduct, safety aspects and even flag meanings.

So please take a look, it will help you expand your knoledge of race day rules and regulation.........



Safety comes first, Riding second........



Helmets , Boots , Gloves  and Goggles must be worn at all times when riding, this includes the pits.  Both should be in good condition and firm fitting.  Helmets that are over five years old are deemed to be out of date by MNZ and recommended not to be used, so please  keep this in mind. Body Armor with front and back protection and Riding Apparel (Jersey & Pants) of a heavy weeve is highly recommended. 


No alcohol to be consumed at any  event by rider or crew until all racing is completed.



All bikes on race days need to be fitted with a working tether kill switch and must have nerf  bars to race. Bikes must be well presented and in race condition. 



Race numbers need to be on all bikes , front and rear.  Recommended legal size is 150mm high  black on white background but of upmost importance is they are clearly  and easily readable at all times.



Racing is mostly a non-contact sport.  Dangerous riding is not accepted  at anytime and penalties for this maybe handed out by the race committee. So please keep it clean.


Machine Check takes place on race days  where bikes will be checked for safety equipment and general safety.  A dirty bike may not pass as its particularly hard to check a bike covered in mud so please present a clean bike.  Ultimately the bike safety is the riders responsibility but the CATVA team is there to assist you where needed.



Ultimately the rider will be penalised for their Pit Crew's actions should they fail to adhere to the basic rules of the club and or MNZ. These are super simple rules that state any abusive behaviour towards officials or other competitors will not be tolerated and the penalties handed down can be severe. So keep it friendly :)



MNZ Log books must be filled out with your Helmet details, plus the event you’re competing in prior to sign-on process.

All riders must attend Rider’s briefing without exception. All riders under 16yrs must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian. 

When signing in all riders must sign-in with the official MNZ disclaimer sheet only.





Raceday Flags and their meanings:









































































































A race committee will be formed on race day consisting of two MNZ officials plus a riders rep.  All concerns during racing must go through the riders rep who will consult the race committee.  No one is allowed to approach the lap scorers during racing. 

The race Committee is made up of a MNZ Steward , a MNZ Clerk of the Coarse and the Riders Rep.




Depending on the type or status of the event there are many different classes that you may enter. Here's the basic's. Senior classes cannot mix with Junior classes. All engines must be from ATVs. There are rules as far as engine size, bike spec's or modifications that will dictate just which class you machine is elidgable to enter. On top of this your age and experience level will also dictate ultimately what class you're able to compete in. Full information on this can be found  under the ATV section in the MNZ rule book. 














At all of our Canterbury ATV run events we require you to hold an MNZ (Motorcycle New Zealand) licence. There are several ways to gain a licence and  also several licence types. Below is a short explaination of the MNZ licencing types for ATV. You must also gain a Canterbury ATV Association membership.





























The Finish Line Flag:  

Its the Flag we all want to see first, waved at you at the completion on the race. The Checkered flag is waved or held at the finish line and signifies that the race has finished. To finish and score points in a race you must finish the race under your own power, so thats riding across the line with NO outside assitance. You must also have competed a minimum of 65% of the total amount of laps in the race. As  per MNZ rule 16.15

The Start Line Flag:

The starts will be either Green Flagged or Bundgie Corded or MX Style Gate started. All these methods mean one thing, "GO" !

The Last Lap Flag:

The white flag will be held or waved to the competitors as they approach the finish line. This signifies there is one lap remaining in the race.

The Caution Flag:

This is an important flag as it signifies an obstacle on the track ahead of you. This could be an accident, downed rider or simply something that you need to slow down for. This flag can either be held stationary or waved at you, either way SLOW DOWN, NO PASSING & USE EXTREME CAUTION.

The STOP Flag:

This is the flag that signifies that the race has been stopped prematurely. This flag can be used for a variety of reasons including the following. Theres been a bad accident that has left the track impassable. There may have been a false start meaning the race needs to be stopped and re-started. What ever  the reason for the flag it means STOP!  Once you have made sure its safe return to the start-line or if race has been ended back to the pits.

The MEDIC Flag:

This flag is another really important flag because it means that there has been a medical emergency on the track. When you see this flag take extreme caution, slow right down and be ready to stop if necessary. 

The BLACK Flag:

This can be used for a variety of reasons the range from a safety issue  on your bike to bad behaviour on the track. The way this flag is used is simple, if this flag gets pointed or waved directly at you you must pull of the track immediately or as soon as you can safely do so. 

The Protest Flag:

This flag is generally found at the finish line caravan. If while racing another rider causes you to have an issue that you deem serious enough for the MNZ Steward to be informed of it then this is the flag you must use. To use it follow this procedure, finish your race, immediately locate the Purple Flag and gain the attention of the MNZ representative and or the Riders Rep. You must then state the rule you believe the other rider/riders have broken and that is relivant to the issue you have experienced on the track. The MNZ Race Committee are there to help enforce safety and fair racing. What comes from a Protest will be at the disgression of the officials.


125cc Production 

250cc Production

Mini Quad Kids: up to 90cc 


These are a licence that can be purchased from us at the event itself. It basically gets you the benifits of a club licence  but only for a single event.  It allows you to compete on the day of the event hence the name "Day Licence".

It attracts a one off fee of around $30 and lasts for the duration of the event. 


This type of licence is purchased directly from MNZ itself. It allows you to compete in all "Club" events, these are events that are not Natinal or Regional Championship.

This type of licence attracts  a one off fee of $80 that is payable to MNZ directly. The licence  lasts for 12months .The Club Licence can also be upgraded to full National Licence at anytime for a fee.

* fees do change periodically so please check via the MNZ link above.


The National grade licence also purchased directly from MNZ itself. It allows you to compete in all Club, National and Regional Championship events.

This type of licence attracts  a one off fee of $185 that is payable to MNZ directly. The licence lasts for 12months .


Premier 0-450cc;

Veteran -40 years plus - 0-750cc

Open Woman 0-750cc

450cc Production

Open Class: 0-750cc

2-Stroke Class. 0-750cc


We all see the pegs that define the inside and outside of the race track. They are NOT to be hit! Should you hit or knock down any of these pegs please inform a Race Committee Member, Riders Rep or better  yet after your race go and repare the peg yourself. 

Have you noticed that  as you negociate the track that Red pegs are on the right side while  White pegs and the left side , a very handy thing to no should you get confused out there!

SENIOR CLASSES: (non Championship)

Clubman Class, 0-750cc



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