Event  Entry Forms & Results

Be part of the action and download a Entry-Form for the event that tickles your fancy.


There are Events applenty ! We have a growing list of ATV specific events that we and our friends bring to you each season across the country. Below are links to entry forms for the larger events or series we run or support so please have a look, click "Download Form" and get entered!


The 2021 Memorial Events
Two Round of Memorial Mayhem!


Come and be part of the action at this, our Memerial Series. This is a two round series held on smooth surfaced paddocks. Its fast and its fun so come and join us!! You can enter the series or pick an event to do, its up to you.

The Memorial Series is run on a couple of great bits of land annually remembering a couple of true characters of the sport that did a lot for the Club in the earlier years. The site of the Gary Mauger Memorial is possibly the best paddock of the season with some great rolling hills making it a must do event.



The 2021 TT ACROSS Racing Series 
Two Round Series 


Did you love the TT series? Then your gonna love this! This style of racing is similar to TT racing but with the tracks providing natrual undulations that will see you jumping your quad. We have some great venues in store for you that will provide you with the extra challenge that TT Across brings.




2021 TT-ACROSS Racing Series Entry Form
The 2021 TT Nationals Atv Championship
The Big Show  on Flat out Canterbury Plains splendor.


Be part of history and come and join the action at the TT Nationals Atv Championship. Last year we made history by holding a ATV only TT Championship, the 2nd  time for this to happen in many years. What does that mean?  It means we will see the best part of 100 of New Zealand best ATV riders battling on a monster track on some of New Zealand best dirt. Its going to be truely EPIC. Make sure you dont miss this 2 day piece of history, ENTER TODAY :)




2021 New Zealand TT Nationals Entry Form
The 2021 National ATV MX Championship  -North Island-
The Big Show -ATV Motocross Madness 


Come and be part of the big show, the New Zealand ATV Motorcross Championship. It's the North Island's turn to host the big show. Racers from all over New Zeland will be making there way to the a MX track  with big jumps, bumps, a truley  action packed form of our sport. 

High flying action that simply cannot be missed. 



2021 National ATV MX Entry Form
The 2021 North Island ATV MX Championship  -Date TBC-
Take your skills to the North Island this season!!


North Island MX champs promisses to be a cracker!! Locations are always Epic with so many great MX tracks to pick from.  This year its to be held at the Hack Track Stradford. 


2021 North Island ATV MX Entry Form
The 2022 MNZ South Island ATV MX Championship

Two day MX racing event



The event that show cases the racing quad  in the form of MX style racing on the only purpose built  and brand new ATV MX track in New Zealand located.   The Ffitch MX track is located at the famous Back-Flips track, Plesant Point inland Timaru.

Come and be part of a truely spectactular event!!


2022 MNZ South Island ATV MX Entry Form
The 2022 TT Racing Series 
Three Round Series - All rounds count


 Back to the old way of racing, just three rounds with all three earning points. Be part of TT style racing on smooth flat out paddocks. Its going to be great fun so make sure you're there. This form of racing is super easy to get into and fun for the whole family. Raced in large flat paddocks around a marked track these event allow the rider to race against other riders safely. 



2022 TT Racing Series Entry Form
The 2021 Club Membership Forms

Club membership for the Canterbury ATV Association

Are you looking to be part of the most forward thinking ATV club around? Download, print off and fill it out then get it to us, we would love to have you on board.


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