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New Members

This page is for the people out there that are interested in getting into a bit of racing with the ATV’s.

We have a whole variety of racing from TT’s, which are run on flat paddocks, to the more serious races on Motocross track where you may get some air!


We also run TT across events where you get a bit of both, a bit of flat with some smaller jumps incorporated in the track.

We have an on going relationship with Ellesmere Speedway where we run in conjunction with them speedway events on an oval track.

We also run Gravel sprints down in South Canterbury, so imagine those amazing rally cars racing up a gravel road, you can do that on your quad bike if you want!!


On the race days we run different classes. These are Open A, for the guns out there, Open B for the keen ones out for a bit more than a social race, Clubmans, this is for the ones out there who have just decided they want to try there hand at racing. For the younger ones we have a 250cc production class, which is age limited to 12-16 year olds and then for the wee kids we have a 5-11years class. Mind you my boy started racing in this class when he was 4 so if they are young enough to ride then we let them in. The more the better.


Most of the race days are on Sunday’s and start with sign on around 8:30 with practice laps beginning around 9:30. We usually get 4-5 rounds of racing in on a day with usually 4-5 laps per race. You may think that’s not much but trust me after a days racing you will enjoy your sleep that night.


Membership to join the club is $30 for a Junior, $50 for an adult and $80 for a family.


The rounds of racing usually cost between $25-$35 dollars a round. Now you may think but hang on I have just paid to be a member why do I have to pay to race?

We have costs to meet at every meeting including the likes of a medic on standby at all times and of course having to pay the owner of the land we use. These are just a couple of the cost that the club has to come up with each race day.


So if you would like any more info then send an email to and we will get back to you asap.


Thanks for taking the time to read about what we do at the Canterbury ATV Club.

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